How to Play

the official rules and setup of the BiminiRing toss game.


Rules and Scoring

want to get official? See below for scoring and tournament rules


It is up to the player to decide how they score points. The player scores until they miss three times per round. The highest score after ten rounds is winner.

The official Rules for score keeping are for advanced players and is used in tournament play. For increased enjoyment other variations of score keeping have been used for the novice. The following game we call weekend rules is being played more often in back yards, basements and poolside. It’s loads of fun and allows every member of the family to be competitive. You can change the amount of throws per round and the amount of points to win to suit your style.

  • Weekend Rules
  • Each player (2 or more) gets ten throws per round. (First to last player is considered a round)
  • A single hit or “Ting” means the ring hits the hook once is worth one point.
  • A double hit or “Ting” means the ring hits the hook two or more times on the same throw and is called a “Nassau” is worth three points.
  • When the ring is hooked it’s a “Bimini” and is worth five points.
  • Add up the total score of the ten throws and record it. Keep adding the totals per round until there is a winner.

Object Of The Game First player to 100 points (or predetermined amount) is the winner. Each player will have the same amount of throws regardless of who goes first. Each round must be completed. In the case of two or more players reaching 100 points, the highest score wins. In the event of a tie, these players play until one player wins a round.

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family or make it the whole weekend. Load up the cooler, put on the barbecue and play to 1000, 5000, or even 10000 points!.

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